A Colored Glass Wall

31 m2
Paris 4ème
Complete restructuring

This one bedroom has gained character thanks to a glass roof designed in the manner of a contemporary stained-glass wall, separating the living room from the bedroom. The orange and blue colors respond to identical tones, distributed in different areas of life.


A large wall cupboard joins the living room and the “night” space.

The cabinet at the bottom of the glass wall is both the headboard of the room and the cupboard of the living room.

All furniture, including in the kitchen, is made of melamine gray metallic.

Though it’s a bit small, the kitchen is fully equipped: washing machine, refrigerator, oven, filter unit, integrated slimline hot water tank.

In the plain gray (Casamood) tile-themed bathroom, embellished with waves in relief on a wall panel, two twin niches offer elegant storage.

Pictures © Marc Verneret

« Flora immediately identified our expectations and tastes with attentiveness, kindness, and respect for our ideas. »
- Mr. and Mrs. G., Paris, 4th district -

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